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Grand Monkeys from Kenya's Jungle Rainforest
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Date:2004-06-21 13:37
Subject:France and such things....
Mood: crazy

I won't put you to sleep you by describing in detail each day. If you need that kind of specific information, I will sit with you and tell you everything I did. I will just cover France by saying that the trip was awesome. I made some "friends" and had a bunch of good times and I can't wait to go again. Paris was amazing, and if anyone wants a picture of the Eiffel Tower I think that I have about 20 different shots and angles. The French countryside was beautiful. There were rolling hills and lots of farms and wineries (yay for wine!).
Upon arriving in the States my mom and I started to head home when my sister calls that she locked her keys in her car and we had to come and get her. So we traveled back down to the city in more traffic and the turned around and came back home, and by home I mean I went to trivia with Greer, Matt, Kristen and Richard. Is anyone ever going to invite Slater to that or is it just going to be the 5 of us? We did pretty well top 10 for 2 rounds! ( but we need a better name).
On Friday, me, Greer, Kristen and Richard saw the Olympic torch and Diana DeGarmo. It was pretty cool. I'm glad that we got out of Alpharetta! On Saturday, we replaced Richard with Fish and saw Dodgeball! That movie was so funny. Hey Greer, I'm going camping and bringing John Mayer and shoes (my Tevas to be exact!). it was sad the Richard couldn't come (we missed you) because then for the first time in a long time we would have had the revised six( Kristen instead of Sivan). Didnt really do much on Sunday, but today I'm going to help redecorate Richards Basement. It should be fun! Well I finally updated and I was a long one!

Until next time!

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Date:2004-06-10 15:58
Subject:thursday (6/17)
Mood: hopeful

I expect all of you there, regardless of how tired you are, ahem, even the French. ;)

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Date:2004-06-06 22:09

YAY! Kenyan Monkeys will rule trivia night next week!

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